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A Brief About Our University Work
With a view to develop interdisciplinary studies, the University operates through its Schools of Studies. The following Schools of Studies are proposed by University in phased manners over period of time : 
  • 1. School of Education and Sports
  • 2. School of Law & Juridical Science
  • 3. School of Agriculture and Animal Sciences
  • 4. School of Business & Management Science
  • 5. School of Medical Sciences
  • 6. School of Humanities and Languages
  • 7. School of Social Sciences
  • 8. School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • 9. School of Fine Arts and Art Education
  • 10. School of Planning, Architecture and Design
  • 11. School of Engineering & Technology
  • 12. School of Basic and Applied Sciences
  • 13. School of Health and Allied Sciences
  • 14. School of Emerging Technologies
Some of the other Centres and Directorates which in coordination with the academic, administrative and service wings have developed very useful and educative courses/programmes, are as follows.
  • 1. Directorate of Professional Community.
  • 2. Directorate of Outreach.
  • 3. Department of Industry Integrated Education and Research.
  • 4. Centre of External Students.
  • 5. Centre for Corporate & International Relations.
  • 6. Directorate of Pre University Education.
  • 7. Department of Secondary Education.
  • 8. Department of Senior Secondary Education.
  • 9. Centre for Skill Development Training.
  • 10. Institute of Research and Innovations.
  • 11. Directorate of online Education.


Rules Made as per Statute No. 51 read with sections 5, 36, 37 and 44 of the SIU Act. 

It shall be the responsibility of the student/ his parents to make proper and full enquiry and satisfy about the student having requisite qualifications / eligibility to take admission in the course he has applied for and also the competence of the university to give admission and award degree on passing the examination/ test. Student shall also satisfy himself about the validity of the degree for any particular job/employment in Government or elsewhere.
No authority or officer of the university shall be held liable for any alleged irregularities/wrongful admission or for any incorrect wrong representation made orally or in writing. Maximum liability of the university shall be to refund the fee if any paid by the student. In case of any dispute regarding wrongful admission or award of any degree, no claim for any amount more than the amount of the fee paid shall be entertained by the arbitrator in arbitration.
For the peaceful, smooth and efficient running of its academic and other affairs by the University, no police official or other authority shall have the access to enter into University campus without prior permission of the Vice-Chancellor or permission from a judicial officer of not less than of the status of District and Sessions judge. Since all decisions/actions in the University are required to be taken as an incorporated body no officer/ authority/ individual shall be held liable for any consequences airing out of any incorrect/ irregular admission/ decision, University alone shall be responsible for that.
University acting through its academic council shall be entitled to run all the courses for which the degrees are notified under section 22 of the UGC Act. All the degrees / diplomas certificates duly awarded /granted by the University shall automatically be entitled to be recognized for central and state government employment as per H.R.D Ministry circular notification No. F. 18-27/70-T.2 Dt. 20 November 1970.
In case of any student obtaining any degree/diploma /certificate without making full payment of the due fee, and/or without being entitled for award of such degree/diploma/certificate, university shall be entitled to withdraw and cancel the same.
Since Chancellor and the members of the board of governors are not required to deal with any day to day affairs of the University, shall not be liable/ responsible for actions of the University i.e. from any legal liability arising out of the same. Validity of their decisions/ actions shall not be questioned in any Court of law lower than the court of District judge/High Court.
Deans of Faculty/ Professor in charge/Head of the department shall have the freedom/ autonomy to decide about the courses to be run by his dept/ faculty and modify the same as and when needed keeping in view the contemporary needs of the industry/ potential employers and society. They shall also have the liberty to decide about mode of providing instructions including distance/ correspondence/ self study/ with the aid of electronic media in cooperation with other Universities/institutions through out India /abroad/by establishing study centers, off campus centers, learning centers /cooperation centers/ examination centers by whatever named called. So far it is possible Deans shall follow Grading system/ and mode of instructions based on choice based credit system. Deans shall have the liberty to take into consideration of the studies done, credits obtained/ knowledge and skills acquired in any other institution/ University or by self study by a student at the time of giving admission in any course or in awarding of the degree.Mode of examination/ evaluation of the student for award of degree/diploma/certificate shall also be decided by dean/head of the faculty/school.
Since chancellor is only a ceremonial head of the University, with no involvement in day to day affairs or activities of the University, he shall not be held responsible for any academic or any other actions of the University or any of its officers body or authority. The Chancellor shall have the same immunity/ privileges as are available to any other Chancellor of a Central / State University in accordance with the recommendations made by the committee of the Governors headed by then Governor of Maharastra Shri P.C. Alexander and submitted to His Excellency the President of India.
Directions given, decisions, orders made, only in writing by any authority officer in discharge of his powers / functions, shall be admissible in evidence. No. cognizance of any offence shall be taken by any authority or police of any action taken/decision made by any authority of the University in exercise of his official duty in connection with the affairs of the University without prior sanction of the Board of management of the University. Finding if any made by Board of Management shall be admissible in evidence and shall be presumed to be correct unless it suffers from any legal infirmity. Each Department /School/ Faculty of the University shall function in an autonomous manner i.e. in the matter of taking admissions, mode of providing instructions, course to be run..
Student’s discipline, mode of examination and award of degree shall be under the over all supervision of the Board of Studies headed by Dean, head of department. Any college/ institution by whatever name it may be called which is run and maintained by the university be treated as its constituent unit and shall have all the privileges of University.
Payments made in the designated Bank Account of the University shall only be treated as valid payments and no person shall be authorized to receive any payment in any other mode i.e. cash, cheque or Bank Draft. Degrees/ diplomas/ certificates shall be granted to only those students, who are duly enrolled as student on the Rolls of the University and who have paid all their fees and dues, and have duly qualified for award of the same as per rules and regulations of the University.
On successful completion of the course and on passing the examination, Director of the School / Directorate shall sanction award of the degree/ diploma or certificate to the qualifying student and it shall be authenticated by the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar. List of awardees shall be put on the Website of the University.
Arbitration: In case of any dispute/difference/claim and/or grievance in connection with any matter regarding functioning of the university or with regard to interpretation of any provision of statutes/ordinance/rules and regulation of the university, amongst students/any member of academic staff /other staff/any outside person or authority having any dealing with the university and in which the University is one of the concerned parties, the same shall be referred to a sole arbitrator to be appointed by the Chancellor. Arbitrator shall be other than an employee of the university and his decision shall be final and binding upon the parties. No person/Authority shall have a right to take any matter to a civil court/any other Tribunal without first resorting arbitration. Provisions of Indian Arbitration and conciliation Act 1996 shall be applicable to arbitration.
The Board of Management shall make provision regarding exemption of students for payment of tuition fee and awarding to them scholarship and fellowship keeping in view the merit/need of the student concerned.
The Board of Management may decide fee structure of different courses of the study and Programmes from time to time in consultation with Finance Committee.
The Board of Management may determine from time to time about number of seats in different courses in consultation with Academic Senate.
Accounting policy and financial procedure of the University shall be decided by the Finance Committee as per needs of the University but keeping in view the objective of that the accounts maintained reflect the true and correct financial position of the University.
Accounting policy and financial procedure of the University shall be decided by the Finance Committee as per needs of the University but keeping in view the objective of that the accounts maintained reflect the true and correct financial position of the University.
The Vice-Chancellor, after consultation with Academic Senate may create new Faculties of Studies and may abolish or restructure the existing Faculties keeping in view the contemporary needs of the local, state, national and international level.
No court of law and/or Tribunal shall take cognizance of any legal action of civil nature against the University/any academic staff or employee of the University concerning any affairs of the university without complainant and/or aggrieved party first having resorted to arbitration as provided vide arbitration clause above and with approval of the Chancellor of the university. Access entry to the University of any person/authority in campus shall always be subject to the rules and regulation of the University.